What we look out for at routine inspections

We carry out routine inspections regularly to ensure the property is well cared for and to check if there are any maintenance or health and safety issues.

Our property managers conduct routine inspections three months after a new tenant has moved in and every six months thereafter. Notice is given to the tenant at least seven days prior to the day of inspection.

A routine inspection is not a housework inspection. Whilst our property managers appreciate that people are living there, tenants are responsible for having the property in a good condition on the inspection day.

Below is the checklist of what our property managers look out for at routine inspections.

Inside the property:

  • Walls/light switches/doorways and doors clean from marks
  • Carpets are clean and stain free
  • Windows and screens are clean
  • The kitchen area is clean and oven/stove top is free of burnt on food and carbon staining
  • Shower, bathroom and toilet, laundry and all tiling are clean
  • All areas and rooms are fully accessible (not locked)

Outside the property:

  • Lawns are freshly cut/edged and maintained
  • Garden areas are tidy and presentable and weeds are removed
  • No unregistered car bodies on the property
  • Oil stains removed from carports, garages and driveways
  • All areas are accessible, including garages, storage rooms, etc.
  • Swimming pool/spa, water and sides/bottom are clean

If there is/are approved pet(s) kept in the property:

  • Any droppings are picked up and removed
  • Any damage or rubbish scattered is repaired and cleaned up
  • Ensure all/any pets are properly restrained for the inspection

Overall the landlord is looking to see that the tenant is looking after their property and keeping it well. From a tenant’s perspective, it is the time the tenant discusses or informs the property manager of any maintenance issues.