Why do we have SMOKE-FREE policy?

All Motion managed properties are smoke-free properties. This is for the best interest of not just landlords as well as tenants.

Damage to Paintwork

Interior Surfaces Stained – Regular smoking will over time, coat painted surfaces like walls, ceilings, doors etc. in a thin brown film. In bad cases, this yellowy brown coating becomes evident when pictures previously hanging on walls are removed. The picture outline is clear, with white spaces indicating where the picture once hung, with the surrounding walls a distasteful yellowy-brown colour. This can also be clearly seen on the ceilings.

Costly to Rectify – This is can be very expensive to rectify! Not only do all affected surfaces have to be washed before being re-painted, but also coated with a sealer first to stop the brown colour leaching through the paint when it is applied. This can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in painter’s costs alone. In all cases, this will be charged in full or in part to the tenant.

Unpleasant Odour

Odours- Regular smoking will also cause a distasteful smell to soak into every part of the property that has been exposed to the smoke. This includes walls, ceilings, doors, curtains, blinds and anything that allows a smell to penetrate! In other words, this smoke odour will penetrate EVERYTHING!

Costly To Rectify – This is a huge job to rectify. Curtains need to be dry cleaned and deodorised. The home may have to be deodorized throughout. However, removing the smell may only happen over time. If a property cannot be re-rented because the smell makes the property unattractive to a new tenant, the landlord may insist compensation be claimed against the tenant that caused the problem.