Artful, energetic and stylish: life in Melbourne’s city centre is a glorious whirl of renowned restaurants, epic gardens, stadiums, bars and hidden delights.

The beating heart of the city and a magnet for everyone who surrounds it, Melbourne’s CBD is a cultural wonderland to call home. If you’ve got an insatiable appetite for street art, great restaurants, rooftop bars, tiny cafes, film festivals, Victorian architecture, historic markets, department stores and designer boutiques, you’ll never go hungry in 1

With its proximity to universities and every business in town, the people who choose to live in the CBD are, by and large, an independent bunch who love the unbeatable convenience of a city pad for getting to work or 2

Melbourne’s easy grid layout and its plethora of beautiful gardens means living and working in the city can be an easy, liveable blend. Get your fresh produce at Queen Victoria Market, picnic in the Royal Botanic Gardens, swim at the City Baths – city life can still have that neighbourly feel when you’re not at the theatre, gallery, Etihad Stadium or the latest restaurant or bar.

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Being the bullseye of the transport system means getting to and from town is incredibly convenient, and being home to Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University and RMIT makes living in the city perfect for 4

Apartment living is the name of the game in Melbourne’s CBD – it’s just a matter of picking the style you like.

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New, designer buildings flank major corners where you can get expansive views and the convenience of gyms and rooftop gardens, while older buildings in iconic street art laneways contain neat little pads with bags of charm.

If you thrive on A-grade convenience and a lively atmosphere sountracked by tram bells and bustle; if you dig sleek and compact apartments close to work; if you approach dining as a multiple choice question; and if you love nothing more than to soak up a dose of culture, hightail it to the CBD.

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