Our annual smoke alarm service is about to begin shortly. For the landlords who have not already opted into annual servicing we kindly request your attention to the below and request your prompt completion of the instructions form.

The maintenance service ensures both your investment and your tenants are appropriately protected in the catastrophic event of fire at your investment property.

The REIV and Victorian Building Authority have identified it is the landlords responsibility to maintain smoke alarms in residential rental properties. By law, every house must have smoke alarms fitted in accordance with the Building Regulations and every smoke alarm must have its battery replaced and be correctly cleaned and tested at least once a year. In addition, smoke alarms must be replaced every ten years as identified by expiry dates on the unit.

To ensure your investment is properly protected, we have employed Smarthouse Fire Solutions to conduct the annual smoke alarm maintenance service. As part of the service they will confirm alarms are appropriately located (and relocate battery alarms if needed and where possible), replace batteries, clean and test alarms and replace expired/faulty alarms. (Please note, a low percentage of properties may require replacement or additional alarms during the initial service to make properties comply with current guidelines.)

The service is conducted annually with properties visited by Smarthouse Fire Solutions during approximately February of every year. If your property was recently constructed and you wish to take up the service in the 2019 service cycle you can do this now.

It is highly recommended for you to participate in this service to assist with your landlord insurances and duty of care.

Financial investment:

  • $99.00 incl. GST. This includes unlimited call outs to the property, battery replacement in every smoke alarm, locational positioning of all alarms in accordance with regulations and inspection of every smoke alarm per dwelling.

The fee also includes unlimited replacement of both mains powered and battery operated alarms when and where needed in accordance with building regulations. A certificate of electrical safety will be issued for any mains powered alarm replacement.

If you elect not to be part of this service, you acknowledge that as the landlord you are responsible for ensuring smoke alarms are correctly located, smoke alarms are in correct working order and that you will maintain the smoke alarm(s) on an annual basis in accordance with all relevant regulations and manufacturer specifications, including appropriate testing of the smoke alarms. Motion Property will in no way be held responsible for the maintenance of smoke alarms in your rental property (s) and will have no responsibility associated with or for, any claims associated with smoke alarms in your investment property/s. If you elect NO, it is your responsibility to provide this office with appropriate documentation annually stating when alarms have been maintained, by whom and what has been done during the service.

Please click here to elect whether you would like to be part of the above service.