Riverfront Renters FAQ’s

How do I secure an apartment for lease? / When can I move in?

We are expecting residents can move in from July 1st. As the building is pending settlement, your application will be put to the landlord for pre-approval. On confirmation of approval, you will be requested to pay the first month’s rent as a deposit to secure the tenancy.

A draft lease will be sent to you for review once the deposit has been paid. The commencement date of your tenancy is dependent on settlement taking place, so commencement may be subject to change. You will not be issued with a formal lease agreement until settlement has taken place.

It is important that you have some flexibility in your move-in date should there be any unexpected delays.

How long is the lease?

All of the apartments are individually owned. We are under instruction from most rental providers to secure leases of a minimum twelve-month term. Some rental providers may consider leases of six months or more.

Leases of less than six months will not be considered.

Are Pets allowed?

The rental provider may provide permission for you to keep a pet at the property providing you understand and acknowledge the following conditions:

  1. That the apartment be kept clean and free from animal droppings.
  2. That, in the event of any fleas being present as a result of the animal, it will be your responsibility to arrange for flea fumigation of the property prior to vacating the premises.
  3. You are responsible to repair any damage to the property caused by the animal.

What is the formal address of my apartment?

The formal street address of Riverfront is 8 Joseph Road, Footscray.

How is my monthly rent calculated?

Your monthly rent is calculated based on the formulas below.

  • Weekly rent payments: divide the weekly rent by 7, e.g. $420 per week ÷ 7 = $60.00 per day
  • Annual rent payments: multiply the daily rent by 356, e.g. $60.00 per day x 365 = $21,900.00 per annum
  • Monthly rent payments: divide the annual rent by 12, e.g. $21,900.00 per annum ÷ 12 = $1,825.00 per month

Moving Procedure

Do I need to book my move-in date with the Building Manager?

Yes, all renters are required to pre-book their move with building management to ensure lift protection is in place. You can contact the Building Manager on the details below.

Building Manager: Travis Faull
Phone: +61 499 708 001
Email: [email protected]

More information about moving in Riverfront Apartments can be found HERE.

How do I pick up keys?

You will need to call our office on 1300 850 730 to book a time to collect keys from our office on your lease commencement date.

If your lease commencement date is on a Saturday, please book a time slot after 1pm on the Friday before.

Please note that the bond will need to be paid into the same account as your rent and must be cleared funds prior to the lease commencement date. We cannot hand over keys without payment of the bond. 

Common Areas

Can visitors use the common areas?

Visitors of the apartments can only use the facilities if accompanied by a resident of the complex. Visitors are not permitted to use facilities on their own without supervision.

Are there any car permits provided?

Council does not provide any permits for on-street parking.

Is there a car wash bay?

There are no car wash bays on site.

Do all apartments come with storage cages?

Yes. We will advise you where your allocated storage cage is located as your lease commencement approaches.

Is the parking on offer a proper bay or car stacker?

All apartments come with a standard undercover parking bay. There are no car stackers in the building.

Inside the Apartment

What about hanging up artwork or pictures?

If you would like to hang pictures that require nails, you must always ask your property manager first for permission. If you do not gain permission first and nail holes into the wall, this will need to be rectified before the end of your tenancy. You are welcome to use adhesive hooks, however, these can sometimes damage painted/wallpaper surfaces. If damage does occur, you will be held responsible to fix this before the end of your lease.

Can I mount my TV on the wall?

Yes, you can. Provided:

  • It is installed in a professional manner or by a professional;
  • Upon vacating you patch and paint the wall to ensure the wall is left in the same condition as it was when you moved in.

Do all apartments come with blinds?

Yes, all apartments will be fitted with blinds. Most will be pre-fitted prior to your lease commencement, however some apartments may have temporary blinds for the first 7 – 10 days.

Can I measure my apartment prior to moving in?

You are welcome to attend one of our advertised weekday inspections in order to measure your apartment. Please check our website for times and book the inspection time you will be coming to measure up.

Please note, we are exceptionally busy on the weekend inspections and won’t be able to allow access for measurement purpose on Saturday’s.

Connection of Utilities

NBN Connection fees

When a brand new property is occupied and the NBN connected for the first time, there is an initial connection fee of $300.00. You will be reimbursed for this fee should you wish to proceed with NBN connection. Please email your paid invoice to the property manager.

The NBN control box is located inside the bedroom robe. Broadband access points are located on the bedroom and living room walls.

Electricity, Gas and Water

The electricity, gas and hot water at Riverfront are contracted to Win Connect and provided in bulk to all apartments at a discounted rate. To arrange your connection, simply contact Win Connect and have the account placed under your name. It is vital this is done within 7 days to ensure that there is no interruption in service.

You can contact Win Connect via the following:
– Online: www.winconnect.com.au
– Email: [email protected]
– Phone: 1300 791 970

Our connections partner ConnectNow will also contact you to assist with your water usage account. It is a requirement that you have your own water usage account in place with City West Water.

Defects & Maintenance

If there is any maintenance, who do I report it to?

It is important that you report any maintenance to your Property Manager immediately as the builder is required to attend to and maintenance or defects within the first three months.

Once reported, your Property Manager will coordinate access with the builders.

If there is any urgent maintenance outside of office hours between Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm that cannot wait until the next business day, please refer to the Urgent Repairs page for on-call contractors.

Click HERE to view the full copy of Riverfront Welcome Pack.