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Motion Property and Redwood ADVISORY wants your SMSF journey to be as stress-free and seamless as possible.  Redwood Advisory offers no personal advice in regards to your financial situation – it is a specialist administrator of SMSFs. Let us makes this crystal clear, Redwood Advisory  will not consider your personal situation or needs in our discussions and correspondence with you – it will not issue any financial product advice relating to your SMSF – this includes pensions, contributions or SMSF Strategy.

Before setting up an SMSF, it is recommended that you obtain specific financial product advice before making any financial product decisions. If you require financial advice in regards to setting up an SMSF, we can refer you to Redwood WEALTH, a financial planning arm and authorised representative of Dover Financial Advisers Pty Ltd. Dovers Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL No: 307248) ensures Redwood WEALTH operates in compliance with The Corporations Act 2001 and regulates the way in which consumers can be advised about those products. Redwood WEALTH is about protecting you and your future.

Dover is one of Australia’s largest privately owned AFSLs and was recognised as the top privately owned dealer group in 2014 by Money Management Magazine. Dover has more than 350 advisers around Australia, and is estimated to have more than $2,000,000,000 of funds under management. Dover’s unique approach to its advisers means it is growing fast. Good advisers know that good compliance is good practice. Redwood is also focused on compliance. Our Financial Services Guide is included on our website for your reference and will be provided to your immediately once we feel personal advice will be provided to you.

Dover Financial Advisers Pty Ltd
Australian Financial Services Licensee
License No. 30748
ABN. 87 112 139 321
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71 Tulip St, Cheltenham VIC 3192

Your Adviser: Ivan Filipovic

Dover Authorised Representative Number 1244358

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