Move over Sydney, Melbourne takes over as the best performing capital city!

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Dwelling values across Australia’s capital cities were 0.9% higher in January driven partially by a small rebound in Sydney and Melbourne.

The recent growth conditions have pushed the Melbourne market into first place for annual growth in dwelling values with an 11% rise compared with Sydney where values are 10.5% higher over the past twelve months.

But both major capitals are down over the quarter.

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According to the January 2016 CoreLogic RP Data Hedonic Home Value Index results released today, dwelling values across Australia’s combined capital cities showed a 0.9 per cent rise in January after recording no change in December and a 1.5 per cent drop in November.

CoreLogic RP Data head of research Tim Lawless noted this month on month rise wasn’t quite enough to pull the rolling quarterly rate of growth back into the black, with capital city dwelling values remaining 0.6% lower over the past three months.

Hobart led the monthly figures with a 4.7% jump in values, followed by Melbourne where values were 2.5% higher and Canberra with a 2.8% lift.

Sydney values also showed a rise of 0.5%, while the remaining four capital cities showed dwelling values to be either flat or down.

The rolling quarterly trend was looking similarly diverse, with four of Australia’s eight capital cities recording negative dwelling value movements over the past three months, with Sydney dwelling values showing the largest fall, down 2.1 per cent. Values are down over the rolling quarter in Darwin (-1.4%), Adelaide (-0.9%) and Melbourne (-0.1%) as well.

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The strongest growth in home values over the quarter across the capital cities was found in Hobart with a 3% capital gain.

Despite recording the largest annual decline in home values (-4.1%), Perth dwelling values posted a 1.7 per cent rise over the three months to the end of January.

Other capital cities to record a rise over the rolling quarter were Brisbane (+0.8%) and Canberra (+1.2%).

Over the past twelve months, capital city dwelling values have risen by 7.4% with Sydney’s capital gains of 10.5% no longer the highest annual rate across the capitals.

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“While still a high rate of annual growth, Sydney’s annual rate of capital gain is now at a 29 month low and has been progressively softening since peaking at 18.4% in July last year,” Mr Lawless said.

“Melbourne’s housing market has been more resilient to slowing growth conditions which has propelled the annual growth rate to the highest of any capital city, with dwelling values 11.0% higher over the past twelve months.

“Previously, during the height of the growth phase, there was a large separation between Sydney’s housing market, which was streaking ahead, and Melbourne’s, where the rate of capital gain was substantial but still well below the heights being recorded in Sydney.

“Over the past six months, the performance gap between Sydney and Melbourne is stark.

“Sydney dwelling values have reduced by 0.6 percent between July last year and the end of January 2016, compared with a 3.0 percent rise across Melbourne dwelling values.

“The last six months have also seen both Brisbane and Canberra dwelling values rise by 2.0 percent while Hobart values are 1.3 percent higher and Adelaide dwelling values have been virtually flat with a 0.1 percent rise,” Mr Lawless said.


Source: Property Observer