Our expertise spans all aspects of residential projects with a specific focus on marketing, sales and property management. Motion Property has been active in the real estate market since the mid-1980’s and specifically in the apartment market since 2000.

More recently, our corporate direction is aimed at project leasing and management and we have developed unique and extremely effective leasing solutions for our developer clients. Ever expanding and with a professional team in excess of 25 personnel, our management embraces innovation and technology and an adept and flexible approach ensures that we exceed expectations, both ours and those of our clients.

Our philosophy is to:

  • Offer the highest level of client service, integrity and professionalism.
  • Create opportunities and discover solutions tailored to current market conditions.
  • Mitigate property investment risk without compromising profits.
  • Deliver professional state of the art strategies specialising in the marketing and leasing of new development projects.

Effective leasing solutions

Every aspect of our project leasing process is proven and effective. We mitigate vacancy by:

  • Analysis – analysing the project demographic and understanding the target audience
  • Marketing – preparing exciting marketing strategies
  • Incentives – providing attractive tenant incentives
  • Staff – allocating sufficient human resources
  • Speed – fast tracking all tenancy applications
  • Consideration – considering the investor mindset

The leasing process is just the beginning of a long term business relationship. Our aim is to create clients for life and to do that we need to continue delivering on our promise of service and excellence in property management, including:

  • Early engagement with clients prior to settlement
  • Prompt rental payments
  • Zero tolerance on arrears
  • Regular inspections
  • Timely lease renewals
  • Annual rent reviews
  • Control maintenance
  • Ensuring tenancy satisfaction

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