Right now, you have a hands-off stance as far as your superannuation is concerned. Your employer just pays in the 9.5% SGC into a Fund on your behalf. Most folks do not even know where that money is invested or how much is creamed off the top in charges each month. But you do have an alternative!

A qualified financial adviser can show you how to use your existing super balance to purchase a property instead. This will give you Rental Income plus Capital Growth.

These are the benefits of setting up your own SMSF [Self- Managed Super Fund]

1] Bricks & Mortar security for your superannuation and retirement.

2] This is the only instrument whereby you could borrow money to put into your superannuation. So if you are a late starter, this is the way to make up for lost time.

3] SMSF’s attract preferential Tax rates while you are working and there is no Capital Gains Tax when you sell the property [after age 60] and no more Tax on the Income of your SMSF.

4] Once your fund [SMSF] is set up you could direct you Employer to send his SGC contribution directly to your fund bank account instead.

5] You could even set up a joint SMSF for husband and wife. This will enable you to grow the family superannuation asset much faster.

6] You could buy additional properties within your fund as time progresses.

I highly recommend you contact your financial adviser to see if your circumstances suit investing in property via your SMSF. If you don’t have a financial adviser, please contact us, and we can refer you to an AFS licenced independent adviser.